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Hillbillies Slots

  • Hillbillies Slots
  • Hillbillies Slots
  • Hillbillies Slots


Hillbillies is a classic online slot at Old Havana Casino featuring the funky and lovable country hillbillies. Old man hillbilly and some young folks take players for a fun adventure on the farm. No farm is complete without silly pigs, loyal dogs and of course a big bottle of moonshine! This online slot has five pay lines and 20 reels of fun on the farm. If any of the hillbilly characters appear more than twice in this slot, players win eight free games. Wins in Hillbillies slots multiply up to 10x in scatter winning combinations. There is even a chance to win up to 20x a prize if players get lucky. The down home country theme of this slot is incredibly fun, and the variety of bonuses will keep players coming back for more. Get ready for a hoedown and bring those dancing shoes, it's time to party with the hillbillies after a hard day of work on the farm and win some great real money prizes.

How to Play Hillbillies

This slot is easy to locate in the Old Havana Casino lobby. Use the search bar in the upper right corner for Hillbillies and click the play button. Before playing the game, take a few minutes to review the game rules located in the help section. This online slot has some particular rules for wilds and scatters. The help section covers these rules and explains the pay tables for Hillbillies slots. Once players have a good understanding of the rules, it's time to play! This slot has twenty pay lines, and players can bet up to five dollars per line. Use the up and down arrows to select bets and pay lines. After wagers are set, it's time to spin!

Game Rules

All of the symbols play left to right except for the scatter symbols. Scatter symbols play in any direction. Different line wins add together and scatter wins add to line wins. All scatter wins multiply depending on bet amount. The Maximum win per spin and line is 50,000x a bet.

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Hillbillies Strategies

Hillbillies has some fantastic wild symbol opportunities and bonuses. Take advantage of these bonuses in combination with the Old Havana Casino bonuses and players will have a great start. Hillbillies slot is a progressive slot game, and this means the jackpot will continue to grow in size. Everyone who plays this online slot can win the jackpot, no matter how much money they spend.

Game Tips

Take it easy on the moonshine, as this is a fast-paced online slot that will leave players saying yee-haw! The most important images players should keep track of are the hillbilly characters. Old man Hillbilly, the blonde woman, and the young man can pay out huge prizes. The scatter bonuses play in all directions, which is an added plus in this super fun slot!


The official release date for Hillbillies slots was in 2005. This slot was created by casino industry favorites, RealTime Gaming.


Hillbilly Symbols: This slot is special, as every hillbilly charger is a wild. The old man, lady, and young man hillbilly are considered wild symbols. They substitute all other symbols in winning combinations.

Old Man Symbol: The mustached old grandpa can double wins when he appears on reel 1 and is a wild symbol.

Lady Hillbilly: The cute blonde hillbilly doubles prizes in winning combinations. She appears with her pigtails on reel three and is a wild.  
The beautiful blond Hillbilly is a wild symbol that appears on reel three and doubles your win.

Young Man Hillbilly: Every country farm needs a strong young man to keep it running. In this online slot, the young gentleman hillbilly provides 5x wins. He appears on reel five.

House Symbol: The farmhouse pays up to 3000 in winning combinations and is a scatter symbol.

Moonshine Bottle Symbol: After a long day of fun at the farm, relaxing with some strong moonshine is a perfect idea. The moonshine bottle in Hillbillies slots is a scatter. This symbol can pay up to 3,000 in a winning combination.

Pig Symbol: The adorable pink pigs in this can pay out up to 4,000 in combined with the Hillbilly wild symbols.

Dog Symbol: Every farm needs a loyal and protective dog. In this slot, the dog is a scatter symbol and players can win up to 5,000. A scatter symbol that pays out 250 with five dogs and 5000 with all three Hillbillies showing.

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