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Caesar’s Empire Slots

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Step into the Golden Age of the Roman Empire in this fully immersive slot, Caesar’s Empire. In this perfectly themed slot, players will see familiar historical characters of the era like the beautiful and powerful Cleopatra. Caesar’s Empire slot is a progressive slot game with five reels and 20 pay lines.

When players enter the game, they will notice the infamous Coliseum in the background. Coliseum symbols also appear on the reels and players are awarded exclusive bonus when this happens. If Caesar himself also appears in combination with the Coliseum symbols, win even larger bonuses. The free spin rounds in Caesar’s Empire are multiplied by 2, and the chance of winning the progressive jackpot is a reality in this Roman Empire slot game.

How to Play Caesar’s Empire

Revisit Rome in the Golden Age with Caesar himself in this exciting slot game. Review the help section before you play to get familiar with the game rules. Next just select the preferred lines and bet desired. Spin the reels and join this revered leader for a quest to find gold. If you get lucky, Caesar will appear and unlock treasures for you both to enjoy the riches.

Game Rules

Playing Caesar’s Empire is simple, but there are a few rules to keep in mind. Caesar represents the wild symbol. He can substitute any symbol and luck is on the player's side when he appears. If the beautiful Cleopatra accompanies Caesar on the slot reels, prepare for even more prizes.

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Caesar’s Empire Slots Strategies

The Roman Empire was well known for its brave soldiers and savage attacks. When playing Caesar’s Empire, it's best to adopt a similar strategy. The size of the player’s bankroll should decide how aggressive they should bet. A smaller bankroll should stick to playing fewer lines, and managing bankroll is the most important strategy any player should deploy in a slot game.

Game Tips

One inside the game, players will see a special help button on the lower right corner of the screen. Check this useful help section out before playing. The help screen in Caesar’s Empire is full of valuable information for players to make the most of their time gaming. This area of the game will explain what symbols are need and in what combinations to win free spins, bonuses, and prizes.


Online gaming giants, RealTime Gaming created Caesar's Empire slots in 2005. The slot game is wildly popular despite its age. Caesar’s Empire players love the Roman theme, graphics, and progressive style play.


Wild Symbol: The infamous Caesar himself if the wild symbol in Caesar’s Empire Slot. He can act as a substitute for other symbols in winning combinations.
Scatter Symbol: In Caesar’s Empire there are multiple scatter symbols, which makes this slot truly unique. The scatter symbols displayed on the reels as swords, fruit and The Coliseum.
Gladius Symbol: In a winning combination the Gladius symbol offers up a modest payout.
Helmet Symbol: The Praetorian Guard Helmet symbol awards players with a payout just like the Gladius symbol.


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