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5 Surprising Myths & Truths about Online Slots

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Myth 1. Three reels slots have better odds than five reel slots

Truth: For many players, three reel slot machines seem simpler than the five or six reel games. However, it is not the case. Just because a slot only needs to line up three reels, doesn’t make the odds any better. The probability of a win or jackpot is the same regardless of how many reels are in the slot. Deciding to play a three reel slot versus a five reel or more slot is the player’s preference. Players on a budget may find that managing their bankroll is easier on a three reel online slot since the style of play is simpler.

Myth 2. Online Slot prizes are scheduled

Truth: All online casino slot games are required to use random number generators or RnGs. The random number generators govern the jackpots and prizes. Every single win is completely random to ensure fair play for everyone. There is no way to know when a jackpot or prize will trigger. Every time a player places a bet and spins, the outcome will be different, and wins are random.

Myth 3. If a jackpot just hit, it won’t hit again for a while

Truth: Again, just like myth #2, there is no way to tell when a jackpot will hit. The chance of winning again may be slight, but there is always a possibility of a jackpot hitting more than once in a short period. In reality, there is no such thing as a hot or cold machine. Just because a slot paid out a significant win recently, doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon after that. On the flip side of the coin, if a game is not paying out prizes for an extended period, doesn’t mean that a big win is around the corner. The random number generators make sure that the reels spin uniquely each time a player spins.


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Myth 4. Playing slots at night increases chances of winning

Truth: Some players choose to believe that slot games are preprogrammed to produce wins certain times. There is a common belief that wins only happen in the evenings or on weekends. This is not the case with online slots. Wins do seem to happen more frequently during these times because more people are online playing. The increased amount of players will equal more wins since there are more games played at a given moment.

Myth 5. New slot games are looser than older online slots

Truth: Every slot machine is ruled by random number generators and designed similarly. So, there is no difference in the prizes on newer online slot games. New games do get promoted more heavily by casinos though. Newly released slots are often more attractive because they have more exciting features than older games. Players are always looking for new and fresh experiences.

Knowledge is power, and anyone playing online slots should be aware of how these games operate. With understanding the myths and the truth about slot games, players can become savvier and make better decisions while playing. Being a well rounded and educated player is a great goal for anyone interested in hitting the casinos!


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