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4 of the Most Expensive Blackjack Mistakes a Player Can Make


  • 4 most expen blackjack
  • 4 most expen blackjack
  • 4 most expen blackjack

Mistakes can be expensive in life, but can often be avoided with a little foresight. The same is true with gambling. Even experienced blackjack players make mistakes from time to time. Also, let's face it, no matter how much you plan, blackjack is always going to be a game of luck. Avoiding costly mistakes in the game of blackjack should be a strategy all players use. Here are a few of the top mistakes rookie card players make and how best to dodge them.

1. Using Blackjack Insurance

To most newbie blackjack players, insurance sounds like a good thing, right? It's not the case in most circumstances, though. Insurance is a side bet in blackjack. Its commonly known that insurance is a slippery slope. Most professional and experienced blackjack players avoid insurance at all costs. Insurance in blackjack is a simple idea. When the dealer has an ace card, a player has an opportunity to make a wager on the dealer's cards. However, the player will ultimately lose their bet. The insurance bet in blackjack pays 2:1. The insurance bet only has around a seven percent chance. It's best to just say no to blackjack insurance and side bets.

2. Splitting High Value and 10 Cards

The strategy of splitting 10s in blackjack can seem confusing at first. The idea behind splittings 10s is that if a player already has a fantastic hand, they shouldn’t try to press their luck at splitting. Most often, players will try splitting 10s when they notice the dealer has a very low hand. Some players like to try and win even more by splitting 10s and possibly winning double the prize. However, doing this splitting is very risky. A better idea than splitting 10s is to try and split lower value cards, like 8’s or lower value cards. Professional blackjack players do split 10s in particular situations, like those when the dealer has small value cards like five or six, which is typically considered a low hand in blackjack. For beginners, it is advised to stay away from splitting 10s, until they have more experience with the game.

3. Blackjack Game Selection

Online casinos like Old Havana offers multiple types of blackjack games. It is key for a player to fully understand the rules of the game before betting real money. Select a version of blackjack you are most comfortable playing. If you don’t know the rules, don’t play. An overly confident player may choose a game without understanding the rules and get taken to the cleaners. Every blackjack game will have its own rules. Players can get easily confused when trying a new game without reading the fine print. So, do the research first, and it will pay off.

4. Raising Bets When on a Losing Streak

Handling a losing streak in blackjack is sometimes difficult to do with grace. Even the biggest names in card playing suffer a few hard blows from time to time. Remaining cool and confident in the midst of a losing streak is hard to do. However, the last thing a player should do is continue raising bets, waiting for their big chance to win it all back. A proper blackjack strategy suggests cutting loses after three tough losses in a row. Take some time to cool off and try again, and a winning streak may be just around the corner. It's ok to take a break and regain composure.

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Take Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses

Once you have found a preferred online casino, stick with them! Most casinos worth playing at will offer many bonuses for players who are loyal. VIP players can also get invites for special blackjack tournaments and other offers. So, stay in the loop and be sure to take full advantage of these offers.

Practice Makes Perfect

Players can try all games at Old Havana Casino for free. There is no need to create an account to test out a blackjack or poker game. Spend some time honing your skills at the blackjack tables at Old Havana Casino. Using free play to practice strategy can help you become a better player in the long run. Organize a get together with buddies to play blackjack just for fun. The more you can expose yourself to the different outcomes of blackjack the better. Practice does make perfect!

Becoming a better blackjack player is learning from past mistakes and improving yourself. Don’t be afraid to take chances, but use critical thinking skills for the best outcome. Soon you will be playing like the pros and getting the most out of your time playing blackjack.

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