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10 Slot Machine Tips & Secrets To Get The Most of Your Bankroll

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Slot machines are all programmed using random number generators (RNG’s). The RNG determines where the reel stops for a particular bet and it's always completely random. Even though winning is random, it doesn’t mean you can’t increase your chances by doing some research and learning more about how a slot game works.

1. When to Bet the Max

One of the best tips is betting max on a slot machine, and many seasoned slot players use this strategy. If you end up hitting a nice payline, you could increase your payout and possible bonuses. Some players disagree on this topic, and its widely discussed and argued among gaming enthusiasts. At the end of the day it's important always to pick the right wager which suits what you have in your bankroll.

2. Take a Test Drive

Many online casinos allow for players to test out slot games, with no money required. Trying out a variety of slots is an excellent way to find fun gaming without spending any money on a game that turns out to be not as fun as desired.  

3. Cruise around

Find a fun game that suits your personality as a player, and you find interesting. Don’t be scared to try out different games. If you start to feel a slot game going cold on you, try something new! You can always come back to that slot at another time.

4. Learn the Slot Paylines

All slot machines have paylines, and while they are never usually the same from game to game, it is important to understand them. You could miss out on some serious wins if you miss a bet on a pay-line. It's ok to go slow when playing, might help you in the long run!

5. Bonuses

Most online casinos offer impressive welcome bonuses, rewards and VIP programs. It's in every player's best interest to take advantage of these. The welcome bonuses are most commonly a one time deal, so make sure you use it.

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6. High vs. Low Denomination Slots

If you choose to play a game with a higher denomination, be prepared for your bankroll to become depleted quicker. If a slower and more relaxing type of game is preferred, stick with lower domination slots. Keep in mind; higher denomination slots do have bigger payouts!

7. Read The Rules

Taking a few moments before playing to read a guide or tips on how a slot game works, can give players some great insight to the slot. Many times you can find a glossary and be able to see which bets can offer the most bonuses and be aware of them before they happen.

8. The Down-Low on Progressives

For certain video slot games, players can receive jackpots no matter what they bet. Others require a different bet to be eligible for a prize. When it comes to progressive slot machines, make you-you always know what the progressive wager must be to qualify for the jackpot. If you don’t like how expensive the game is, it might be a good idea to choose a different game.

9. Review Wager Options

Every slot game will offer different denomination amounts that a player can bet. It could be a penny slot or more. Games will display a player's credits, when money added to the machine. Players can bet max, or select a smaller wager option. Double check any bets you place, before taking a spin!

10. Scatter and Wild Symbols

One of the ways game developers make slot games much more fun and exciting is with wilds and scatters. Depending on the specific rules of the game you are playing, these wilds and scatters can unlock bonuses, extra game rounds and so much more. Review the meanings behind the symbols for the game you are playing and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting fun!

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